Reshaping and Reframing African American History with The 1619 Project Books

By Abagail Henry for The 1619 Project

Abigail Henry has been teaching African American History as part of Mastery Charter Schools for the past 10 years. She is the Content Lead in African American History, frequently leading Professional Development sessions for other history teachers. She’s helped shape the curriculum and has been part of the Culturally Responsive Teaching working group. She also is a member of CBED, and has written about her work on Philly’s 7th Ward.

Henry’s reflection highlights her experience in teaching The 1619 Project book, which discusses the Atlantic Slave War by highlighting “important [recounts] of labor camps, the economy of slavery, and the daily experiences of enslaved people.”

She reflects on the growth of her students following their learnings and how it has reshaped and reframed her own methods of teaching African American History.

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