The Center for Black Educator Development leverages the well-documented research that Black students are best positioned for success when they are taught by people who can serve as mirrors, not just windows, to their

world—Black teachers, grounded in Black pedagogy, supported by policies that work for them and sustained by professional pathways designed with them in mind.

The first acknowledgment of harm must address educational disparities throughout the educational ecosystem that impact, not only Black children’s experiences, but also Black educators’ experience. 

In Fugitive Pedagogy, Dr. Jarvis R. Givens rightfully notes a distinctness about Black teachers: they are leaders among leaders. That’s who we get to serve at the Center:  the next generation of leaders among leaders who will continue to make a colossal difference in our collective future.  
I’ve been blessed to have been, my entire life, in community with others. This work is no different. We engender natural, genuine ways of learning from one another that are authentic and intergenerational. We focus on our children, our hopes and dreams, while honoring our elders, traditions, rich history and painful lessons.

We continue to need your support as a part of our growing community. Together, we can and must rebuild the national Black Teacher Pipeline—producing one that is durable, protected, honored and predictable.

Every new Black teacher inspires hope— and is inspired by the sheer sacredness and weightiness of asserting and defending our students’ history and humanity. We have made much progress in 2022, but we have much more to do in the coming year. 

I’m simply in awe of our community and grateful to serve and build alongside you.

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