Black Teacher Appreciation Day 2024

Join us this Black Teacher Appreciation Day on Thursday, May 9, 2024!

We want to celebrate our wonderful teachers and raise awareness around the shortage of Black teachers across the country to inspire young Black students to become teachers.

Research shows that Black students who've had a Black teacher in elementary school are more likely to graduate from high school and enroll in college:

  • 13% more likely if they’ve had one Black teacher in elementary school
  • Over 32% more likely if they’ve had two. The impact is even more stark for Black boys. 
  • If a Black boy has a Black teacher in grades 3-5, they on average have a 29% increased interest in pursuing college and  up to 39% lower chance of dropping out of high school.
  • Although 15% of public school students in the United States identify as Black, only 7% of public school teachers identify as Black.

On May 9, 2024, join the #WeNeedBlackTeachers movement by engaging in the Center for Black Educator Development’s Teacher Appreciation Week! We're calling on influencers and supporters to share how a Black teacher positively impacted their life using #ThankABlackTeacher and #WeNeedBlackTeachers on social media.

Get involved by: 

  1. Requesting merch to wear on May 9, 2024.
  2. Posting a photo with hashtags #ThankABlackTeacher and #WeNeedBlackTeachers.
  3. Sharing your own story on social media with hashtags #ThankABlackTeacher and #WeNeedBlackTeachers.
  4. Giving a shout out to a Black teacher who has impacted your life by recording a 30 second vertical #ThankABlackTeacher video and share it with the Center for Black Educator Development via email to

Here is a toolkit to learn more! Contact if you have any questions.

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